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These are just things that I read online:

I heard that generally, women are even more social than men are. After something bad happens, a woman quickly rushes to talk to all of her female friends to get support, whereas a male can isolate himself and grief alone.

I also heard that women tend to be more emotional, more caring, more empathic, more compassionate, more affectionate, more loyal, more sympathetic, more sensitive, more kind hearted, more peaceful, more calmer, more gentle, more expressive, and more outward than men are, and thus bond more with other women in a special way that they can’t with men. Men, on the other hand, are not that emotional, and thus can’t bond with other men in a special way.

I also heard that women are more comfortable being around with other women than they are with men. They have a type of bond that usually men with women won’t really have, or with men and men.

I also heard that women are very unique creatures, and women feel a lot safer in general with other women than they do with men if either is alone with each other, and it is easier for women to trust other women more than it is to trust a man.

I also heard that women are very sociable with each other, so if something goes wrong, they like to speak about it to each other. This is a way to develop trust among women. Women often relate their problems with other women, which makes them feel more connected in a way.

I also heard that most daughters have a very strong bond with their mother, while they don’t have one with their father, and most sons don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their mother nor their father.

I also heard that most females have a very strong bond with their sisters, while they don’t have one with their brothers, and most males don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their sisters nor their brothers.

I also heard that the bond that two females have with each other is the strongest bond of them all, and that's one of the reasons why sayings like “girls always have to stick together” exist. 

And I also heard that the friendship of males and females can hardly be as good as a female to a female relationship from a woman’s point of view. 

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So if those things are true (which I am not sure at all), then how can a man and woman have a special strong type of bond with each other if women have a special strong type of bond with each other while men don’t have one with each other?

Also, men and women are both mentally and physically different from each other (which is true), but would that at all effect the bonding between a male and female?

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Don't believe everything you hear or read.  These are big generalizations and stereotypes.

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You heard many things about women and men. What are your sources? 

   Men in general have been taught by their parents and by society, to be strong. That means no crying, no being outwardly emotional, no acting hysterically when upset. But do you think men would do this if they were allowed to? Of course they would. While male and female brains differ somewhat, I believe due to what men and women are taught, women are more emotional, sociable as you say, eager to share with other women, etc because it has been accepted that way in our society. Not because they are naturally like that. Those are norms. I've seen plenty of senstive men cry, and I know they can be just as loyal, kind, and empathic to other men. They just do it in a quiet way and dont make it as known as women do because it is not accepted that they act this way. 

    The reason women feel safer with other women is that we know each others' limits and strengths, but we also share the knowledge of what it means  to be one. We can sympathize with one another in knowing what it means to live in a mostly man-dominated world. 

   In the same way, men are more comfortable with each other, because they too share a common bond and know what it feels like to be a man in a world that places demands on him. They know they must be the bread winners in a family and care for women. But that has been changing the last few decades and women have become less dependent on men to live. 

   Some men are extremely close to their mothers, and not so much with their fathers. Women as well. You can't generalize here  because people have different relationships with either parent. The same with brothers and sisters. 

   Not true about the bond between women being strongest, or the friendships between men and women being "as good" as with other women. I know women who have strong bonds with their brothers or male friends, much more than with other women. Women may understand each other more, but that doesnt mean their bond is strong. Again you can't generalize because everyone's situation and personal view is different. 


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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I do not know your gender, however may I presume awkward nerdy male.

What is here is a list of generalities and stereotypes.  I can go to any number of professional and academic journals and find studies to refute every point you raise here.  Here are a couple of points which have been empirically proven:

1. When a man walks into an event (bar, mixer, etc) the first things he checks out is the women in the room.  The first thing a women checks out is the other women, aka the competition.

2. Women make up their minds in the first 2-3 minutes if they will sleep with a guy.

3. Women are always looking for the Best Sperm since their eggs are limited.  Men are looking to spread their sperm around since they have a lot of it.  This is a survival of the fittest sort of drill.  A woman wants her offspring to survive, so does a man - they just have different biological strategies to ensure this happens.

As for the rest I would  ask you to start with the basics of interpersonal Dyadics.  Then move to the clinical research into same in both same gender and mixed gender Dyadics.  Then look at different cultural Dyadics.  This should take you awhile - took me my whole Graduate School program

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Relationships are all about give and take. Balance essentially. When your special other becomes a control freak the balance is lost and the relationship is over but necessarily the suffering.

You're welcome.

Life is what you make it.

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I heard sexual hormones overrides all of that.

The Leftists have left us!

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