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Anybody know anything about that?

UFD if you're still out there in some form, PM me. 

in Friendship by (924,910 points)

3 Answers

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I just noticed the other day she was gone. She got angry when defending tRump then she vanished.

It's not good for her to get angry that way so she made the right choice. She may come back when she feels better 

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

by (2,886,370 points)

She sometimes needs a rest from this lease . Plus your insults to her and anyone who Likes Trump chased her away.I think you get off doint that. Like I said many times your a piecs of shit. 


Dude. The only time you post on here is to complain. Meanwhile the people you are complaining about are giving genuine advice to newbies. Their politics just doesn't agree with yours.


You got to be kidding me  she does not give advice she insults anyone who does not agree with her.And as for you your the same and she kisses your ass. Fuck the both of you for losing so many people that were once here .


Like I said numerous times to Wake. There is a flag button. Two flags and the post is removed. People just like to bitch, moan and whine.


Aww Bobby what's wrong? Is it raining and you can't get your hands on it? Please provide evidence for your accusations that I insulted UFD. I'll provide evidence of her insults to me, in PM as it's against the rules to post on the board . 

I'll await your reply.


It's also worth considering when talking about people leaving and posting. The number of members posting has remained about 70 per month. Take a look at the members page. People have also joined.


And bobby I'm going to use a word that you won't recognize or deserve..respect..I dont kiss blue's ass, I respect his place. This is his site, his rules, his money. If you cant respect that then dont come on here.

Lets face it who needs another Trump cult idiot.


Amen to that. 

+5 votes

I was sorry to see her go, but she has a few mental issues and may do better with some time off.  Her political views seemed to depend on which med she was on, or maybe med interaction.  

by (1,422,970 points)
+5 votes

UFD takes sabbaticals every so often. Hopefully she’ll come back like she usually does. 

by (2,298,850 points)
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