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There is some hope. 

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4 Answers

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I saw that interview.

The real key is getting out the vote.  Trump has 40 percent in the polls.  Almost any democrat gets 50 percent.  We just need to get them out to vote.  Don't worry about converting any deplorables.  Just outvote them.

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I was watching Hard Talk on the BBC the other night and there was this American dude, forget his name but was a well known political commentator. And he said the Dems need to focus their campaign on what Trump is destroying rather than what they will be creating.

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Michael Moore is an optimist. I don’t think Trump is beatable at all if we run Sanders or Warren against him. We need the vote of moderate Republicans and independents in order to win , and they will NOT vote for Sanders or Warren. 

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I agree.  I think the best possible candidate to appeal to Democratic voters across the board as well as to independents is Amy Klobuchar.  She doesn't seem to  have the vulnerability to Trump's attacking style, either.  She remains positive with her message and dismissive towards Trump altogether while still attacking his policies, corruption, and malfeasance.  I believe she would have a gigantic win over him and may be the best hope for the Democrats.


I think the Dems will lose unless we run Biden. Biden is an old-school kind of guy who doesn’t scare people. He’s “safe and familiar” - he’s an older white guy whose been around the block a few times in Washington DC. He knows how things work, and he was already VP. He is moderate enough that the GOP can’t scream “SOCIALIST!!” at him. And nobody with half a brain believes - or even cares - about the Hunter Biden/Ukraine phony “scandal.” He is the safe bet. 

Is he what we really want? Possibly not. But IMO he’s the only Dem candidate who can appeal to anti-Trump Republicans and independents. And we need them to win. They probably aren’t ready to vote for a woman or a gay man and definitely won’t vote for a perceived “socialist.” We need to be SMART or we’re going to lose. 

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Whatever it takes, I would be willing to do. I have been.

Regardless, I believe that trump will be voted in again with his underhanded and treasonous ways.

He is already getting a start on WW3!

Watch Out!! We are in for a bumping ride. Hold On!!

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