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Big difference. Boris has a plan. 70 points and you're in as long as you speak English.

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3 Answers

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Generally.  Anyone with a lot of skill in anything can generally make a living at home.  But also there are usually enough low skill people in any country already so pay in those jobs is already low.  There are exceptions.  Some high skill people immigrate, and then take lower skill positions. Doctors for instance have a very difficult time immigrating as a doctor. 

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As well as a point based system, any migrant needs to have the earning power of £25k. That means our Nurses, Social Care workers, Health Care Assistants, Medical Records Clerks to name a few are all classed as low skilled it would appear.

The thing is, The Australian System, which I'm very familiar with, that Pity Prattle wants has different points for different levels of "English" for example, advanced English is a test akin to an English Higher/A level. My son took it and passed as he has English Higher but not everyone can pass.

Also, Scotland's birth rate is falling and has a lower life expectancy, we need migrants to staff our public services.

I think, and I'm not a conspiracy theorist, that they want to send us English and Welsh unemployed to dilute the Independence vote.

Yup. Wink wink 

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Generally that is the case most of the time.  Now  you can be low skilled and high paid if you are a jerk who gets elected to higher office

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