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 We have been together for only 3 months now. He is super crazy about me. He is successful, ambitious, romantic, he showers me with love and attention. He’s like a prince. However, I do not feel it with him. I gave him chance simply because I though something will come out of it, and I’m also bad at rejecting people. Anyways, I cheated on him with my ex, and he forgave me under condition I’ll keep showing him my love. I feel like he desperately wants to feel loved by me, but from my side it’s just not right. However I don’t want to let a guy like this go. Before I have been only with assholes that had no future, so this is a big and positive upgrade in my life. He lifts me up as a person and encourages me to become better. He is honestly an amazing human being. He knows my parents and they like him a lot. I hurt him a lot by cheating and it destroyed him completely, he couldn’t work, eat and sleep for some time. He loves me just so much and I know I can have a good life by his side. But I just don’t feel it. He told me he noticed that, but I always say that I do love him.. What should I do?

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Don’t use anyone. It isn’t right or moral. He is a prince but you aren’t in love with him. You aren’t sparing him rejection you are just stringing him along.

Stop just stop.

The Leftists have left us!

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I think you need to finish with him to be fair. That sort of love he has for you could turn bad as he notices you're not on the same page.  

3 month is no time at all, he has come on too strong yo fast it's no wonder you're confused. 

As you have already cheated you'll do it again, it's not honest or fair.

Let him go, he'll  get over it in time.

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You're just stringing him along and making it that much harder to eventually do the right thing.  You need to be straightforward with him.  Tell him he's a great guy and deserves someone who is attracted to him but that someone isn't you because for whatever reason you just don't feel the chemistry with him,  It may be hard on him at first but in the long run you'll be doing both of you a massive favor.

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Some people are just attracted to, and like assholes.  You seem to be one of them.  

As such, you need to get away from him as quickly as is possible.  It is not going to work long term.  You are going to continue to screw other guys, probably guys who are assholes like your ex, and eventually even a prince will have had enough and will leave.  In the meantime you will have screwed up his life, for no real reason.  You don't love him, it sounds like you barely like him.  You need to find the sort of guy that you like, and if it ends badly at least it is only your life that you are screwing up.  Let him find someone who loves him for who he is.

Realistically, he is much to devoted to you to be healthy.  Forgiving you for cheating is pretty much over the top at a month or so in.  I think he needs to get a dog.

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I think you both have a problem. He is acting like your doormat when he accepts your cheating, which shows he doesn't expect much for himself. As well, in 3 months time he shouldn't be invested in you as much as he seems to be. And you have the problem you realize yourself, that you can't say no to a man who is crazy about you because you don't have feelings for him, not yet anyway. Im not sure if its because he came on too strong to you in such a short time. Would it help to ask him to slow down a bit? It may help you to understand your true feelings. If you feel you dont have the attraction it takes and never will, then by all means you need to tell him directly. That will be hard on him, but that is life. 

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