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We dated 5 years ago but had to break up after she moved away to school. We both found each other again after running into each other at a store. Completely random but honestly magical as we've both always thought about each other over the years. So over the course of the last 6 months we've been having coffee from time to time and Facetiming/Talking over the phone because we agreed to take it slow. For Valentine's we had an official date and it went AMAZING. We both agreed to start dating and that the time was right to move forward with the relationship.

Well, the last 3 days she has been really distant out of NOWHERE. It's typical for us not to talk everyday as space is important at this stage. But I texted her how her weekend was on Sunday and she didn't respond. I didn't read anything into it as she can get busy and completely forget. We did speak Monday after I texted again and said I was thinking about her. She sent 2 texts, 1 with a smiley emoji (emojis are big with her. Not all girls but with her it's a huge sign). But after not talking for a day I texted her and said "I've been thinking about you today! Do you wanna talk over the phone tonight since it's been awhile?" ...and I never got a response. Should I be concerned now despite the relationship going incredibly well? Or should I assume it's just her time of the month and she just doesn't feel like talking? Typically she tells me if there's something big going on in her life that's bothering her. Granted, I know it could be a plethora of other reasons not involving me but I'm not sure what to think.

I'm not freaking out, just not sure what to do...I need some girl advice and need to be able know how a girl sees this situation. Btw we're both in our early to mid 20s.

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There's definitely the possibility that she's having that moment when you want something so bad that when you finally have it your like, "eh". So I wouldn't be so clingy. Y'know, you guys just got back to together from being apart. She probably hasn't had a boyfriend for a while is having to change from not having one to having one can be hard for some girls. But yea, push through, just take it slow and honestly just keep her wanting more... honestly.

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Super good advice. Thanks!!

Do you think itd be good to text her that I'm there for her if she does want to talk? Just to make sure there isn't something going on in her life that doesn't involve me. Don't want to seem insensitive. We haven't talked since Monday 

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Women are weird.  It is hard to tell what is going on in their brain.

My advice, is just don't get too attached.  Make her believe that she needs to try hard to attract and keep you.  Nothing makes them stranger than believing a guy is in their hands and that they don't have to do anything to keep them.

Good luck.

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It really is strange how their psychology works...


That is correct.  Strange.

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IDK,, but does kind of make you wonder if she's not completely comfortable with the speed your relationship has been moving forward at over the past couple of weeks.  I'd back off a bit and see what she does.

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I'll do that and see what happens. That's pretty much what I was thinking anyway at this point.

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