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So there's a guy I met 3 years ago and we really hit it off BUT I was talking to someone else at the moment. Its a couple months before we see each other again and I am no longer talking to anyone and he is still interested in me. So we begin "talking" but after a month or so I break it off because I had that moment when you want something so back but then when you finally have it your just like, "eh". 

We stop talking but then we see each other again after 3+ months of not seeing or talking. All the feelings I had for him start coming back to me and I start talking to him again. We decide that we both still have feelings for each other so we begin "talking" again. It's about 2 months and then I break it off again for the same exact reason I did the first time... I know I'm stupid. This guy has been nothing but patient and loving to me but I just didn't know what i wanted..

A long period of time and we see each other again after not talking the whole time after I broke it off. And this time the feelings come rushing back like a river.. We both still like each other... so we decide to start "talking" again... its a little more serious this time because we've been through it twice already. Everything's going fine until I find out that he wants a lot of attention, and he enjoys giving me attentions.. I am not the kind of person who needs nor gives out attention. So I break it off because I said I "won't be able to give that to him" EVEN THOUGH I NEVER REALLY TRIED... Yea i'm really really stupid. 

So after that we haven't seen each other for like 5-6 months. I recently saw him at the beginning of the week and the day after all i thought about was him. I started crying in the car because i missed all the facetimes and the weird texts we would have. I want him back so bad because if im being honest, everything you do in a relationship, I want to do it all with him. Hes the only person I can see myself doing that with. I don't know if he still has those feelings for me.. 

So i guess what I'm asking is, do you think he would still come back to me if he's taken me back 3 times already. We definitely have chemistry and the connection is there... I just don't know if its STILL there... I really need help on how I should approach this. Do i move on? Do i confess and possibly make our relationship super awkward? or do i just let it go and leave it be...? 


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I think you should move on. I wouldn’t take someone back four times and I would have a hard time respecting a guy who would. It seems like he must be desperate if he does. 

Also you’re not being fair to this guy, yanking him around. Let the poor guy find someone who really wants him. And you need to figure out what you want before you go back to a guy you’ve left numerous times. 

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Move on Poco&Smith. Just say "Yeah we used to have a thing, and still see each other occasionally!"

 Nothing more needs to be said.about it..  

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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You don't want to get attention or to give attention, so, why do you want to be in a relationship?  My opinion is if you got this guy back you'd be sick of him again in a few months.  Stop doing this to this guy.

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I Think you should let him go so he can find someone who is 100% in to him all the time.

Who says you aren't going to do the same thing if he took you back??

Im not trying to be mean..but I think he deserves better!

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