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Ok..I am Springishere..I have been on here years ago.. goes.. My hubby and I live in Las Vegas.. We like to have fun..if you know what I mean..

We met a working girl one night and ending up befriending her and getting close to her 2 kids..

She was coming over frequently... drinking and getting high.. and  staying all night some times partying..

Well...she started getting on my nerves.. 

We caught her in many lies... but of course she always had an excuse..

My husband seemed to like her being around and said he felt sorry for her..

So even though I started feeling weird..I would try to make my husband happy and have her over.

She would drink and get loud.. always some new drama..

Well..we have Arlo cameras in our house and if I would leave them two in a room..she would talk

shit about me.. My husband always agreed with her..

The final day..she asked me to borrow her money and not tell my hubby..Of course I told my hubby right away and I told her ok..well..I heard her telling my hubby that she was iyng to me and she didn't really need the money. Then she said she wanted t buy a gun from my hubby and she wanted to do it behind my back..


Well..I finally had enough when she told me she invited her sisters over and that we would supply the alcohol..I went off on her saying that we were not an open bar.. I ended up physically pushing her out of my house.. Not hitting her but forcing her out.. 

I haven't spoken to her since.. I blocked my number and my husbands number from her..

Now my husband is saying that I am mean and he has never seen me like this..

She was a trigger for me and every time she came hubby and I had a argument..

whether it was because he was only paying attention to her or contradicting what we had already talked about.

I am at a loss.. I felt so much anxiety when she was around but the past 2 months have been so nice..

Why is my hubby pushing me to be friends with her?? 

Does he have a thing for her?

He seems to only want to party..or have drinks when she was here..

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5 Answers

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The Leftists have left us!

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I think I remember you, I'm not sure but this post rings a bell.

Or should I say posts of this type 

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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Another Vagina to explore is my question, or is that observation. You did the right thing

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Thank you...Im feeling great with my decision..but 'someone' is telling me that I overreacted and was MEAN..Just trying to take care of myself..

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Looks like unacceptable behavior to me...

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Did you mean unacceptable behavior by me?? Or by him??


by him

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No, I'm not particularly sure I know what you mean when you say you like to have fun.  Do you mean swinging?  

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