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Hello everyone.  I’m thinking of contacting my ex with the hope of getting back together.  We had a disagreement and I called it off (her fault not mine this time).  After having time to reflect I wonder if I should have been more patient.  That said, should I try to reconnect with her or just leave it alone and look back with and be grateful for the time we had?

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3 Answers

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Life is too short for regrets..I would say..GO FOR IT!!

You don't want to ever think back in years to come wondering..What if??

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Nor=t enough to go on here.  Here is my 2 cents worth:

Contact her what have you got to lose. Expect total rejection, to be expected.  Do not spend more than a short time on this.  Otherwise you have lost opportunities.  If her interest level has dropped below 60% you are toast.  Yeah drop her phone number etc in the trash, do not make the same mistake again

Love is grand except when you as a male blow it.  Always, always have a seconfd choice to tee up - players rule #1

Good luck good hunting, like a bus another one is waiting

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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If this is the same gal yo have posted about repeatedly. Then the answer is NO! Let her go!

She was the one who thought you shouldn’t pay attention to your mother. She was the gal who would argue about being right.

You and her are like oil and water not a good mix.

Only two things come to mind. You dear man are horny and desperate tonight. And or the sex with her was waaaay better than your hand?

Get a grip and widen your social circle.

Unless you seriously want to be brow beaten and dominated by Miss Right that you haven’t any self respect left and really find  being a step and fetch for a dominatrix.... bow down and take it.

The Leftists have left us!

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No it is.  Thanks for the wake up call I needed.


Your welcome.

I just hate to see a man with his nose rubbed in it!

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