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Well since I have been grounded it has been a while...  It is getting fun!  I hope JB wins because he will be easily Trumped in November.  I just hope he doesn't forget what day is, where he is, what he is talking about, or who he is talking to too many times again before the election.  Isn't just hillaryous that the Democrats are going to have a old, white, male as their candidate?:)

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7 Answers

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As opposed to an old orange man.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

by (2,869,620 points)


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You could be right.  One senile old white guy against another.  All the excitement of watching the grass grow.  Biden is just not the orange moron.   Probably not enough.  But maybe.

by (1,412,110 points)
+4 votes

Hey Wakeforester. I’m still alive and you’re still a moron. Nice to know some things never change. 

by (2,280,280 points)
+3 votes

Same shit, different screen name.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,817,091 points)
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Hey Wake.

I agree regarding Joe. And there’s his issue of mistaking his sister for his wife. Oh boy. And then too him dropping trou to swim naked in the pool in front of female secret service agents.

Bernie is a Marxist so there’s that.

What I don’t understand why y’all can’t simply state your policy concerns about Bernie, Biden or Trump without taking it to personal insults about intelligence, Karma etc.

Can’t everyone on this site rise above it all?

It’s one thing for the candidates to sling insults but we have nothing to gain from doing so.

And the constant taunting of one side or the other is absurd. None of these candidates are extraordinarily great looking and their hands gestures leave a lot to be desired.

If you all wanted a Hollywood President then Reagan or Romney would fit the bill if one is shallow.

If one wanted a man with great morals, there was Jimmy Carter. Even the press made open sport of him.

Why can’t you all get along?

The Leftists have left us!

by (721,150 points)

Because life is one big competition and some must win at all costs. Even if that means an entire country loses.


What you're really saying here is, why can I(you) have your say without challenge.

If you dont want challenged  dont write things like Bernie is a Marxists or Biden dropped his trousers. You support a man who dropped his trousers on countless occasions, is currently being  sued by multiple woman for sexual assault and rape, lies to you every day and mistakes the DOJ as his own personal lawyers.

What you meant to say is stick to policy, not personal, but as you addressed that to Wake, you'll wait a long time. We've been there tried that and it ended with him wishing a cancer patient would die.

Please dont lecture us on how to behave until you have clean hands 


Shakespeare was the master of insults. Think about it.


Bernie is a Democratic socialist.

<And there’s his issue of mistaking his sister for his wife. Oh boy.>

    I guess that must beat raping your own wife and other women!


I have no idea how you can criticize Biden for those things, and then support Trump. Trump can't form a coherent sentence to save his life. And Joe mistaking his sister for his wife once is a bit different than Trump implying publicly multiple times that he wants to bang his own daughter, who he once referred to as a "piece of ass."

+3 votes

Really???!  You think Bidens thinking or speaking is bad?  You must have been sleeping when this happen(s)ed : 

   My thinking is you'll dismiss it all and say the video was fixed.  But no,  he really has a way with words. 


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

by (899,910 points)

Amy pay attention to his head and shoulders when he csnt find the word, it's a real brain misfire, he actually shudders 


Lol No better word than stupid.


Yes Belle, its what people with early stages of dementia do to compensate for their lack of coherence. He shows clear signs of that. 

+6 votes

Looks like Wankforester didn't get the message. So he will now need to change his ip address. There's no room on here for those that think cancer is funny.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,817,091 points)

Pathetic desperate loser that he is... 

Can you imagine your life being so meaningless and empty that  you’d go to the trouble of changing screen names in order to get back on a site that kicked you off for being a dick?? How dull does your existence have to be to go to those lengths just to annoy people? 


His life has to be boring. 

   Vengeful little guy, too. Going through all that trouble when Blue can see your IP address and that it only changes when you travel!

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