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I ran out of dog food last night, so I fixed up what I could throw together in little time this morning. 

   Orzo pasta, sweet potato (yams), a little rice, 2 scrambled eggs, broccoli and some peanuts.  Thats all I had, had run out of tuna fish cans and was afraid of giving him some other fish I had. He loved it more than the kibble he normally gets and stood by waiting patiently. 

   So now Im off to get him his regular food. Watch him refuse it tonight!


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Lol, I hate broccoli. 

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So do i tbf


So now I know what not to make if you both come to visit. 

   Steamed broccoli with a pinch of salt. Delish!!   You no like? 


No I just can't stand  it but it's cool, if you make me some I now know I can feed it to your dog and you wont think I'm rude for not touching it lol 


Haha!!   Youll be his best friend if you did. 

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Some dogs will eat anything.  Including garbage so I would have thrown in the fish.  Lol.

Seriously, anything that I give them, they eat.  Except celery, olives, and onions.  I try everything that I am cutting up.  If it is cooked, they even eat those three.

They really like raw potatoes, and most fruit.

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Yea he will eat anything. But he's got stomach issues so I was afraid to. He once ate a left over avocado, including the pit. Thats supposed to be poisonous. Hes also eaten my lunch meat once when I left it too close on the counter. He's a rascal. 

   Pssst...onions are not good for dogs. They cause stomach upset. Same with garlic, chocolate, grapes, raisins and some nuts. 



Lol.  They seem to know about onions.  We no longer feed them grapes, raisins, or chocolate, although they love all three.  My wife read somewhere that these were not good for them.

Lunch meat should be ok.  It isn't really healthy for us, but should be no worse for the critters.


Oh yes, lunch meat should be ok. He loved it until I came back and found him smacking his lips, then went into hiding on his bed. 

    Today he was waiting around for a different meal again. Ha!


The loosers beg the whole time that I am eating lunch or fixing dinner, so I give them a bit of what I am eating or cutting up.  Bananas are good, apples ok, cheese is good, raw potatoes are good, green peppers not, tomatoes are poor, noodles are good, both dry and cooked, carrots not so good.  I am amazed at what they will eat.  One of the dogs is especially food driven.  The other one will eat stuff to keep the first one from getting it. 

One of the previous dogs would kill for a chocolate chip cookie.  Lol.


Yes, jt js amazing what they eat!!  I am guilty of giving Bailey tidbits too. He eats apples for dessert almost everyday. Carrots too, raw. 

   My brother had a dog that would bite his finger if he tried to give him medicine. What I love about this dog is I can open his mouth, brush his teeth, etc with no prob. I give him bread & peanut butter with the meds. He takes it like a treat. 


I struggled for years trying to give various dogs pills.  I used to hide them in hamburger but the stuff gets yucky in the refrigerator.  My vet gave me the secret.  Velveta cheese, actually the generic version of it.  I think the stuff must be made from chemicals.  It never seems to go bad, the dogs love it, and it is easy to hide pills in. 

i tried brushing the dogs teeth a couple of times. One of them never actually chewed his food, just swallowed it whole.  So he had bad teeth.  But brushing was not going to work.  He tried to bite me.  Most of his teeth fell out before he died.  Now we use dentistick.  I don't know if it works, but at least he doesn't bite me.

Dogs are all different.  We had a huge dog.  Cross between an irish setter and probably a Chesapeake retriever.  That dog was so gentle that he could not be provoked to bite you, or even growl.  I once pulled porcupine quills out of his nose, which must have hurt like hell, and he didn't try to bite me.  His companion at the time, a redbone coonhound, who also got some quills had to be tied up to keep him from biting me when I pulled them.  


OMG, porcupine quills in the nose. Sounds awfully painful. 

   I hide pills in cheese, but bread is cheaper. Right now he is having trouble with his hind legs, so I got him these large glucosamine tablets. He doesnt like the taste so I put them in a little bread with peanut butter. Presto! 


Lol.  Peanut butter is always good too. I use chunky so they cannot taste or feel the pills.  Generic cheese is pretty cheap.


I hate American cheese, so I sometimes get Muenster on sale, or cheddar. He loves all kinds. You can even hide small pills in some apple chunks, but not the horsepills. So  I make mini pill sandwiches. Fools him everytime. 


lol.  I never eat that stuff.  I think it is really a petrochemical.  But it doesn't go bad just sitting around, and it moulds well.  And the dog loves it.

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