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+2 votes

He has advised us, in a recent interview, that a great number of us will lose loved ones before their time due to the Covid-19.

I bet that cu@t has shares in an undertakers or crematorium.

I'm not feeling very comforted oh tousled one.

in Diet and Health by (3,030,510 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

Paul Merton is not impressed.

by (4,044,531 points)

Why has he got it?




Oh you mean he wasnt impressed by Bojo. Duh!!

Next time send me a postcard lol


I'm think about Bojo's appearances on HIGNFY.


Got you

+2 votes

But at least he’s not re-homing his dog! 

by (2,455,400 points)

No shes pregnant!!!!

+2 votes

But the UK people can still come to the US. Just in case they want to die on US soil I guess.  You guys at least have healthcare. 

by (1,542,210 points)

I think it's more about Americabs aloud to go to the UK, particularly Scotland and Ireland cause a certain person who shall not be named has golf courses there.



NO.  You think the brainless twit is that shallow and depraved?

Actually, yes he is.

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