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Its cold here again. Ive got some roasted vegetable noodle soup on. Smells good. 

   I keep forgetting recipe Wednesday. Sorry, Blue. 

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5 Answers

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I had mince and tatties, I dont make them as well as my mum but they were fine.

Tatties is potatoes but I dont know what you call mince. Its beef put through a mincer comes out looking like worms.

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That's ground beef to us here in the states. I make that with onions, garlic, salt and pepper, some Spanish herbs too,  and sometimes add a scrambled egg to it. Have it along with a little rice. 


I Lord, I read mice & tatties!

Jeez, I must back off my pain meds.

0 dont fancy them then?


Amy we can make loads of dishes using mince. The mince in my response is boiled with an onion, maybe carrots if you want, and when cooked we add oxo cubes.its delicious.

When our kids were young and hated onion we used to put a full onion in the middle of the pot, when the onion was cooked the mince was ready.. my husband ate the onion.

Mince and Stovies are those dishes where woman argue over the recipe. And we all use the same recipe as our Mother.


I love it! Mince and stovies, ha!  I also love onions, cooked or raw, fried or oven roasted.  My late Aunt Amy only ate them raw, and my dad used to eat them on a roll. You can do a lot with mince. Do you make meatballs, too? 


Belle we were raised all things Irish culture although it may have been watered down over the generations.

I can’t remember a single dinner meal w/o potatoes and often 2 meals a day. Mince recipes were mostly mince meat pies solely around fall meals during our Thanksgiving at the end of November.

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Omelette for breakfast w/ toast and orange juice.  Grilled cheese sandwich for lunch w/ an apple and a soft drink. Cheeseburger and a salad for dinner w/ maple creme cookies for dessert + water to drink.  Later, we're talking POPcorn!  Hmm... or maybe some Ghirardelli's hot chocolate with marshmallow creme instead of whipped cream.

OH, yeah....

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Thats a lot of meals, Media. Im down to 2 a day. Sometimes one, and its a big one. But yours sounds better. Especially hot chocolate.


Yes, but I didn't get the popcorn after all.  I had already expended all my allotted calories for the day.  :-(

Usually I have only two meals, but yesterday was a three-meal deal.  Today I had two meals and took the dog for a long walk to make sure I got my calories expended since I am not going to Planet Fitness for a while.

Yeah... I'm in the "target group" for this pandemic--over 70, heart condition, ugly.  Zero for three.  

But I'm doin' fine!


At least youre walking the dog. I didnt walk mine yesterday although I was in the backyard gardening and he was with me enjoying the day. 

I am in that bracket, too. I have allergic asthma and sleep with a CPAP machine for apnea. But all is good. 

Take care!

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On a ski Holiday so I am not cooking.  Did have some of the worst Indian I have ever had tonight - how does one screw up Beef Vindaloo?

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Went out and bought a good two weeks of groceries yesterday before USA shuts down.  So, got a ton of options right now, including a big brisket of corned beef.  Cooked up hamburger I still had around from last grocery run last night and made a nice pasta sauce.

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 I made a pasta sauce today for lunch. Corned beef sounds great. 

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The wife made two pots of chili and they were awesome. Different meat for each time and stretched throughout the week

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Chili sounds great. I like to make some with ground turkey and white wine. 

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