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Due to the Corona thing I've just realised I touch my face a lot. I never knew I did that till now.

in Diet and Health by (2,984,760 points)

3 Answers

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I've been trying to get it below 3,000.

by (3,949,881 points)
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I've been alone in the house all day.  I wash my hands frequently.  I see no reason NOT to touch my face under these circumstances.  I watch TV with my hand on my cheek sometimes.  I randomly touch my face when I adjust my glasses.  Etc.

by (785,760 points)
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If Im outside, I avoid it at all costs. But at home I wash hands frequently and may touch my face at times. I have allergies now and have been blowing my nose more than usual.  

by (992,610 points)
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