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4 Answers

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I would guess at the age people typically develop under-lying conditions. I was reading diabetes is one of them. Which puts a lot of people in the at risk group. However multiple complex health issues are more of a norm these days. Not good.

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I have diabetes but I was reading it's a risk for those on an immune supressant regimes, I take that to mean taking meds which I dont yet.


I have diabetes as well. But there are always degrees of severity. Some have it worse than others. I'm guessing those with multiple conditions at the high end of the scale need to worry the most.


I think I'm just going to stay drunk, the shops have loads of gin.


That is my response too.  Keep my blood alcohol level up.  And there is no shortage here.  Lol

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Over here, elderly for covid19, is 60.  

The actual age isn't as important as your immune system health.  It is just assumed that geezers have weaker immune systems than young people.  But a 30 year old taking anything that suppresses the immune system could be at higher risk.  A lot of skin or joint medications suppress the immune system.  

If karma is real, the trumpster will have it.

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Did you hear that there was someone present at his last speech who tested positive for covid19?  Trump refused to be tested. 


I heard that.  A number of people that were around him have tested positive for the virus.  Supposedly he has been tested and his doctor is proclaiming him negative just a few hours later.  I think his doctor lies for him.  He has in the past proclaiming him super healthy.  I doubt if he has been tested.


I agree. He is not super healthy for sure.  This is is man who weighs about 247 pounds I read somewhere, and doesn't eat wisely. The doctor has been made to lie for him, or paid.   

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They’re saying anyone over 60 which includes me. I have autoimmune disease so I take a monthly injection of immunosuppressants. I guess that makes me vulnerable. Weird thing is I rarely get sick with colds or flu, so who knows? 

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this why you have to be careful especially around crowds because this virus is air borne. Meaning someone who has it can cough, the germ will remain in the air for a bit and if you pass by that area, the person who coughed can be long gone but the germ can still be there.

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Standard answer 60.  So much is coming out I am overwhelmed with info, underwhelmed with actionable information

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