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WHY??? What am I not being told? 

in Diet and Health by (2,945,680 points)

3 Answers

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I wish I knew. There is no meat on any of the supermarket shelves. I was lucky to find one last oven roaster chicken. Most paper goods were now abundant but days ago it happened that toilet paper was scarce. Even the stores that are convenience stores that sell milk, bread, eggs, chips and canned foods were out of milk, cheeses, etc. 

by (949,110 points)
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Strangely enough Pot Noodles are fully stocked.

by (3,904,231 points)
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I don’t know Belle, I am not in Scotland. But here in Ohio they are closing all schools including colleges. On tv they are asking people to self quarantine as much as possible, restricting going out to only the grocery, pharmacy and gas station. They are urging folks not to panic but to only buy ahead and prepare for the immediate future. Well if they are closing schools and the ER personnel are all wearing hazmat suits that would wake a dead man. Couples I know are yelling at each other over it. One wants to self contain and the other thinks it’s overblown???? We supposedly have 100,000 undiagnosed cases just here in Ohio according to our Governor!

Perhaps it is time for us to chop our own tomatoes and freeze  the recipe? We have a separate freezer that we have stocked ahead.

Now they say all our high blood pressure,  cholesterol and pain meds are coming from China. This week a major Chines paper threatened to cut off the meds coming to the US

Do you happen to have any extra acetaminophen handy? Otherwise I might have to buy my pain meds on the street! Lol!

God save us all!

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