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I've moved from concerned to totally pissed off. I feel like I'm being bullied by an invisible tosser.

If you can only get it once then I'm going out to get it, I'm not sitting  about my house like a nervous Nancy any more.

Sod it 

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5 Answers

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I'm guessing once a year as they are talking about there being a second outbreak that will be worse to do with Summer and Winter. They have also been talking about a polarisation again between people totally ignoring official advice and others going right over the top when you want something in-between.

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Wow, another outbreak?  For sure this will lead to a world wide recession.  

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I have read an article recently that said that if you have the virus and survive, you are probably immune.  No one knows for how long.  One specialist thought months, another thought up to a year, and another thought longer.  

There is also one guy proposing that we just give it to everyone, sort of your plan, and get over it, and move on.  Downside is that 2 percent or so dies.  Maybe more if medical facilities are over full.  Especially the sick and old.  

I haven't heard that it is especially painful.  Just like the flu but you cannot breath.  Might not be a bad way to go.  And you seem to go pretty fast.  Like a week.

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The problem is we're not getting tested, My sister had a really bad flu about 3 weeks ago, before the UK started all this panic. It could have been corona, who knows.

Since I posted this I have a Trump of 38.1 and a cough.

Who know what that is as we're instructed  not to go to the doc.

Its shambles.


You can call ahead or face time or Skype with your doctor.

There is no need to go out and possibly infect a lot of people or needlessly expose yourself.

Take care of yourself, watch Netflix, Stay Calm and Carry on!

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There's no way available right now to tell if you've had it and beaten it.  That would require antigen tests which it seems nobody is really working on.  Too busy doing are you sick with it tests.  Another testing failure.

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Same as the flu and every other virus I imagine, Technically No (for the exact same strain)  but Yes - for a different strain.

That's why they have to keep developing new flu vaccine, and why they are basically guessing what the next flu strain will be (and then what to develop as the next vaccine so it's actually effective).

This is precisely why this over-populated planet and it's supposedly 'highest form of life' is screwed.

Let me just put this out there --->  a gigantic asteroid may have wiped-out the last 'top of the food chain' inhabitants,  but the current 'top' inhabitants will eventually be wiped-out but something a whole lot smaller.

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I think research is ongoing into whether people who have recovered from COVID-19 can get a novel coronavirus infection again

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