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+2 votes

The leader of the free world has no clothes...


in Diet and Health by (2,984,760 points)

5 Answers

+3 votes

He's tested positive for talking complete shite.

by (3,949,901 points)
+2 votes

GB, he’s been out of his depth since the day he was elected. Anyone who is surprised at his complete and utter failure as a leader, was not paying attention. He is, and has always been, an incompetent, ignorant, unintelligent, self-centered bully. 

by (2,398,420 points)

Well said. !!!

+1 vote

He came into the Whitehouse already deteriorated. And people will still vote for him. Astonishing. 

by (992,610 points)
+2 votes

GB I am personally glad he is clothed, I would be sickened to see him Starkers.  Oh...... you were talking in the figurative sense.  Sorry for taking you literally

Download laughing 11

by (2,857,840 points)



GB I am with you eeewww


That's an image that is hard to get out of my mind.

Melania gets some respect from me for getting into bed with him naked and not throwing up on him.

Or maybe she does.  There is only the one anchor baby.

+2 votes

Trump is so shallow that if he were standing in a rain drop that has splattered on the concrete, he would be over his head and drowning.

He has been caught telling the truth at least twice, but those were probably by accident.

by (1,488,730 points)
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