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My ex BIL is a lighting engineer and works for a large events company. They do festivals, stadiums, concerts etc..

Well the government has contracted them to set up those huge tents they use as temporary mortuaries beside all the main hospitals..

That's fucked up man, the government know something we're pretending not to.

The saddest thing I've heard about this was today on sky news reporting from Italy.

People are dying and the last time their loved ones saw them was when they were being loaded onto the ambulance.

Sort your shit out now, let everyone know you love them and if you have a God, get right with it  now.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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Over here, the government sorts were giving briefings to the senate in January about how bad it was going to be.  The members of the senate responded by rushing out and selling millions in stock, and buying a few health care stocks.  Then kept quiet and let things proceed.  

We knew it all along but it has been confirmed.  Assholes all.

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Time to emulate the French and introduce our “royalty” to Madame Guillotine!!


Too messy.  I say we just take them out on the lawn and shoot them.


Either way that's a lot of blood. Why don't we make them stay in a council estate on universal credit? Before long  they will just shoot  themselves 


I always said that trump has known about this for awhile and he has had ppl working on a vaccination. Then he was going to present it in about September or October. Just in time for the election. Now there will be an election. Does that mean he will stay in office? I don't think there should be a president any longer but have representation in the NWO. It is bound to happen one day.


The DOJ is already kicking around the idea of suspending our Constitutional rights. Don’t be shocked if Trump declares martial law and cancels the election in November. He’s a FASCIST. 


The trumpster isn't that smart.  He wants to be king, but planning ahead isn't his thing.


Yeah, you are right welloone.  He isn't that smart, but maybe someone suggested to him?  Be the only way he would come up with anything meaning something.  He changes his mind and contradicts himself ALL the time.  I believe everyone is finding out that he has a screw loose. We always knew that!!


It is true that some of the people around the trumpster are pretty smart, and could never get elected president on their own, so having an idiot that is easy to control is almost as good as being king themselves.  Moscow mitch for example.

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