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A girl was very close to me.She called me 3 times to inform the class time,I didn't call her back to inform her.She became sad over that.Then another guy called her,and they began talking with each other.Then she called for the 4 the time, but I didn't call her.After two years I saw her,but I walked pretending not seeing her,but she was looking at me,when I looked back,she was standing looking at me.Then I went to her and talked to her.Then she about to get in the car,she looked back at me.After two days,when I was standing at a bus stop,she looked at me from her bus which is moving.What she would be thinking of?

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2 Answers

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*I* would be thinking, "What an idiot.  Can't even return a phone call."

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He's hopeless.  I've given him lots of chances and he doesn't show any interest.  
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