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Soo.. My boyfriend and I both really like videogames. We talk about it alot (especially since alot of games are coming out now.. Doom for example) but we rarely play together cause he likes singleplayer games more and he's busy alot. My problem is that he almost never agrees to play with me and when we play he often gets salty over something (we play Rocket League=he's salty cause I always win, we play Streetfighter=he's bored fast, we play Minecraft=it's too simple and too "blocky" for him.) and then after like 30 minutes he wants to stop or he just leaves.


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3 Answers

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You ask, "Why...?"  and then you give his answer:  " cause he likes singleplayer games more and he's busy alot."

So...  GUESS as to the real reason is... because he likes to play single player games more, and he is busy a lot.  Just my guess, though.

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Yeah I'm aware of that, else I wouldn't have mentioned it. The more important part of this question for me was why does he get so mad at every multiplayer game we try out, like most of the time he gets salty over me winning or over some aspect of the game cause he's kinda picky. And I'm just kinda sad that the few times we do play together he always wants to stop again so soon. 

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The answer is hiding in plain sight.  You beat him to often.

He likes video games, but isn't very good at them so he plays single player games where he can lose, but not be beaten.  I do that a lot myself.  Bad enough to lose, but to be beaten by the other player all the time is worse.  

I don't suggest that you lose on purpose.  But you might try to find a game that you are not especially good at that he might be interested in playing. 

Good luck.

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Yeah he does get mad when I keep winning at a game (like I mentioned I'm really good at rocket league and when we played it he got salty cause he kept losing.)

I don't really have alot of space for new games right now but maybe it will help if I let him win sometimes or if I ask him for help in co-op games (he thinks it's funny when I don't understand what to do)


Don't lose on purpose.  He will figure it out and think that you are just sorry for him.

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Maybe he's more interested in playing with you than he is in getting beat at video games?  IJS

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