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Near-Death-Experience ?  Have you ever had ?  What was it and what did you learn/gain from the experience ?

I have, more than once actually, the latest; 18 months ago I was in a coma for a week (it's a long story) the E.R. Doctor said if not for my exceptional health/fitness before it, I'd be dead for sure.

The Neurologist I saw a few months after I came out of it, warned me that I'd be in for a (mentally, emotionally) tough 1-1/2 to 2-years, including suicidal thoughts (sadly of several of her patients over the years, who experienced what I did, ended their own life).

So ... if the latest world-wide fear-mongering attempts just piss me off - Sorry, but I've already been dead, you can't scare me, and I have zero interest in spending my 'second chance' at life by fearing death, or worse in my opinion, just mindlessly accumulating more meaningless crap (possessions).

How about you, fellow NDE'r ?  

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No, but those have always interested me. What did you learn from your experience? Do you remember anything about it?.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Actually, yeah I do remember a bit.  
#1 - I don't recommend it, I used to think I was pretty 'tough' mentally/emotionally, but this NDE has rocked me to the core, for one example; now when someone is particularly kind and/or friendly, and especially if/when it's unexpected, I get emotional (a bit choked-up, I have to pause, take a few relaxing breaths and tell myself "it's o.k.") before I respond or reciprocate.

#2 - It's true what they say about seeing yourself, I remember seeing myself lying in the Hospital bed, like I was standing on a ladder at the foot of my bed, watching the goings-on, but disturbingly even though I recognized it was definitely me (and believe me, it was wayyyy too real to be a 'dream'), the 'me' viewing me was disconnected, if that makes sense ?  It was physically me watching but not really 'me' (as if my 'essence' or 'spirit' was still in the guy in the bed).

I asked the question above because of the freakishness the most prominent 'visual' memory  ('premonition' type stuff) from my time unconscious is actually playing itself right now.  
For example; just today, I went for a walk down my street, and the deserted look (hard to describe) and my walking the same distance away from the houses etc. was unmistakably EXACTLY like I remember from in my coma.

"scary" doesn't begin to describe it.  Shivers were coursing down my spine as I thought "how did I know/see this a year and half ago?"  " What The ...?"

Although I value life and I see 'life' itself like I never have, the fear that I see in the world right now is absolutely "oh get a grip on yourselves" ludicrous to me.

Essentially I've been on the outside of life looking in, and life (the fight to stay alive) really isn't that important to me anymore, in fact, if this (the fear, the lock-down/lack of freedom etc.) is what life has become, even for a short time, I'm just not interested !  I want to 'live' like never before, yet if this is life !? I wish I were dead !


#1  Why do you get choked up if someone is kind or friendly? Was there something you experienced during the NDE that made you this way? 

#2  I believe that when you were seeing your body below, that was you-- your soul watching. Anything alive has a soul-- my belief.  That happened to someone I know who experienced such great pain during childbirth, that she said she "came out of her body" and saw herself on the bed and tbe doctors as well around her. 

#3 I kind of dont understand about your walk today. Are you talking about a feeling of deja-vu? 

Also being you have been on the "other side", did you see and feel anything?  Was it so wonderful that this is the reason you want to go back? Did something or someone tell you you had to come back? I have heard/ read about this a lot. 

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A couple of interesting experiences.  

About 8 years ago, i was outside in the winter, raised up and hit my head on a rafter on a small outbuilding.  I collapsed into the snowbank and laid there paralyzed from the neck down.  Interesting place.  You cannot even scream for help.  Eventually, like 30 seconds I think actually, but it seemed like forever, I got feeling back and was able to get up.  The doctor sent me to the MRI and it was found that my neck disks were collapsing inward and pinching my spinal column.  The bump was just enough to pinch it off but my spinal column recovered.  The surgeon told me that I was lucky that it happened before it ruined my heart and organs.  It was fixed by cutting the back of my neck bones off so the spinal column could move out of the hole it was in to a channel closer to the surface.  It worked fine.

Then about two years ago, I developed a blockage in my small intestine.  Complete blockage.  So painful that I would have gladly died if it would quit hurting.  They hauled me to the next city to a hospital that had a surgeon available.  Cut me open and took about a foot of intestine out.  A very painful operation.  Good news was that the blockage was not cancerous.  It they had not gotten it out, I would have died.  It hurt so bad that I didn't care.  Anything for less pain.

They did give me a lot of good opioids.

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I've found at the end of the day you've got to deal with it yourself because no-one can join you when you are seriously contemplating suicide.

Life is what you make it.

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No I haven't had a NDE, and I dont fear death for myself. But I do fear it for my family and I will do anything I can to keep them safe 

That means I'd advocate that people like you are taken off the street and locked away until this is all over.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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Up yours ! 


Why thank you sir, 

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Which one of my deployments over the years?

There have been several, mostly at the end of the day it was filling body bags with other folks.  I have been Medivac'd a few times, and do remember the tubes etc. An experience which currently I do not wish to revisit.

If you cannot be scared you are dead already, however you are not in the body bag yet.  Knew a number of folks like you, note the operative word is knew

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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I think you may be experiencing those suicidal thought your Neurologist warned you about.  I think you should contact him/her or another competence doctor and let them know immediately.  In the meantime stop blaming the rest of the world and disregarding our public safety over your anger. .  

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Well said

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Yes, I have.

When I was 24 I miscarried at 26 weeks. The pain so severe I broke my front lower tooth. I bled out.

I too saw my body from the upper corner of the room. Met the grim reaper. Saw a panel of my life events. Proceeded thru a spiral vortex and entered into a bright white light.

I too am not afraid of death, but disease and prolonged pain scares the hell out of me.

I saw mine as a validation of the here after!

The Leftists have left us!

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I flatlined during surgery in 2004. It was supposed to be a quick out patient procedure until I died and they had to revive me. I wouldn’t have known a thing if I hadn’t woken up in a hospital room where the doctors and my family told me what happened.

Should we maybe take the current panic down a notch? Yeah. But I still think in general it’s better to be safe than sorry. Being dead was a completely empty experience -  a whole lot of nothing. I’m not terribly anxious to do it permanently any time soon.  

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