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A girl was very close to me.She said Iam the good boy in the class.Often helps me a lot.She likes me the most in the class.She called me 3 times for informing me the class time.I didn't call back to inform her.She said why not calling me.I kept mum.Then after months another guy called her and they began talking each other.She called me for the fourth time.Still no calls from me.Then she never called me,but calling the other guy.I felt to end my life.My question is whether she cheated me or the other guy stolen her from me?

2.If both of us calls her whom she will select?

in Relationships by (1,450 points)

4 Answers

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You're screwed. And not in a good way.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,691,091 points)

What you mean Not in a good way

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Who cares? You won't even call her back.  If you don't communicate... you don't have a relationship. Period.

by (674,400 points)
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She called you.  You didn't call her.  She moved on.  

So neither.  She didn't cheat.  You didn't return her call.  He didn't teal her because she was available for the taking.  You didn't call.

Life lesson here.  If you want a girlfriend, don't be an asshole.   

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I love you. (And I mean that in the most inoffensive internet-buddy way...)

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Put yourself in her shoes.  You've blown her off four times.  The other guy has shown interest.  Who do you think she's likely to pick?  (if you think you, think this through again.)  Learn for the future, if you're attracted to someone let them know, or at least return their calls.  People aren't mind readers.  I get the impression you're young, there will be more opportunities with other girls down the road if you don't make the same mistake again and ignore them.  

by (879,580 points)
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