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I've taken 2 fillets of cod out the freezer for my dinner tomorrow 

I intend to boil them in milk then use the milk to make a cheese sauce  and cover the fish in sauce with mashed potatoes.

However, I'm open to other ideas, if you have them 

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3 Answers

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I'm not into fish particularly.  I am pretty proud of myself for successfully cooking up a brisket of corned beef last night though.  Almost too simple.  7 hours in the crock-pot on low.  Delicious! 

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Never heard of doing that, interesting.  Cod if I boil it is usually in Slated Water.  I do like sautee in butter the best

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I like a nice red salmon sandwich with salt, vinegar and mayo. Tins of that red stuff are not cheap though. And it always used to be a treat every Sunday when I lived with my parents.

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You were rich our house the tin of salmon was strictly for visitors. And you dare not take a sandwich, you had yo wait yo see if the visitors left any.


I think we must have been. From memory they got the mortgage paid off pretty quick. Which obviously freed up a lot of funds. My parents didn't have fantastic paying jobs though. My Mother was just good with cash.

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