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There's been a few but I think mine would be the night we stopped in to a mostly empty bar on our way home from a show and kind of couldn't help but overhear the husband of the couple sitting at the other end of the bar talking to the bartender about his wife who was dressed to show.  What did he think?  Was she hot?  Doesn't she have nice tits? etc. etc. until it evolved into you want to fuck her?  I'd be good with that.  In fact I want you to. etc. etc  The bartender was in his 20's and the woman was at least 50 and he really wasn't interested but it also seemed he didn't want to be rude or mess up what might be a good tip. The husband was persistent, and kept this running conversation going most of the hour or so we were there.  The woman didn't say a lot but didn't object and was flashing a lot of cleavage the bartenders way.  We left before really knowing how it ended. 

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My buddy and I were out to dinner together and there were 2 very young couples at the next table - maybe late teens. They were talking about swimming or scuba diving and one of them started asking - completely seriously - whether most sharks are right-handed or left-handed - and the other 3 kids didn’t seem to think that question was in any way odd. The conversation went on in that vein for half an hour. I kid you not. My buddy and I had to get up and leave we were laughing so hard. 

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Was the woman attractive at least?

I don't recall any "crazy" conversations.  But, at an old job, when we had layoffs, we would overhear some of the department heads' reasoning for letting certain people go.  Some were unfair, some were inappropriate. But you knew it was personal.  And having to face those employees knowing what was coming was extremely difficult, especially if you knew enough about them to know how much it would hurt them.

I'm glad I left.

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Yes, she was a reasonably attractive 50+ year old and amply endowed (surgically enhanced, I'd wager) wearing a revealing dress but looking a little rough too, if you know what I mean.



Those years of wild times catching up to her.

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Trump supporter logic is always good for a laugh.

Life is what you make it.

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OMG, the one you heard. Seriously. 

The conversation I overheard on an airplane, about 2 rows ahead, was one in which a young teen kept asking her uncle, in a loud voice, "Uncle Jack, when are we going to get to ---?" And, ""will we see ---- when we get there?"

To which her father or uncle replied about the time and, "Yes, we will". 

This was said about 10 times before take off, and she continued after landing. We couldnt hear her during the flight itself. I understood she had a type of disability, but most people around her were rolling their eyes by the 5th time. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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