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A girl said I am the good boy in the class.She always supports me,helps me.She always looks me from her house.She once said"My name is always coming in her mouth".She always praises me and said I am handsome.On her birthday she asked 'can you take one more sweet'. She called me  3 times for informing me the class time.I didn't call to inform her.She became sad over that.Another guy called her and they began talking each other.She called me for the fourth time.I didnt call back.After two years I saw her and talked to her.1.After 3 years I messaged in social networking  and she replied to what I asked.

Considering the intimacy she had with me.

1.She should have called me when I talked to her in person after 2 years.

2.When I sent message in social networking site,she just replied to what I asked,she should have asked more about me.

She in class was crazy with me,like there is no one in the class.

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5 Answers

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1.  Why didn't you call her after you talked in person after 2 years.  Guess that makes a fifth time you failed to call. 

2.  Why should she have asked more about you?  Because you wanted her to?

Dude, yeah 5 years ago she tried pretty darn hard flirting with you and you did nothing about it.  In fact you let some golden opportunities just slide by.  How do you think you never returning her calls or reciprocating her advances made her feel.  I doubt it made her feel good.  Also, it was flirting not some commitment ceremony on her part.  To expect her to hold that interest for five years of nothing from you is insane.  I'm sorry to say you blew it five years ago, and then 3 years ago.  Why you think it's wrong she isn't interested in you now is frankly dumb.

I've answered slight variations of this question too many times now.   .  

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Life is what you make it.

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What grade are you in again? 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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what you mean?


How old are you? 




Oh my...



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You’ve got some serious misconceptions about human interactions. You seem to think this girl should behave exactly the way you want her to, and she’s in the wrong if she doesn’t. That is some messed-up thinking. Nobody has any obligation whatsoever to act or speak according to YOUR personal preferences. She had NO “intimacy “ with you. You two talked to each other a few times. That’s superficial not intimate. 

You were wrong and rude not to return her calls. She moved on, as most of us would under those circumstances. Nobody owes you anything. 

You have posted about this numerous times now and you seem to want us to agree with you. We don’t. You were wrong. 

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Are you obsessive-compulsive or just plain ridiculously ignorant?

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