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thank you 
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5 Answers

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I'll let you know when I have completed 5 years of medical training.

Life is what you make it.

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50-50 if you are late take the EPT test

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Probably low.  But miracles happen.  It depends on how lucky or unlucky that you are.

Some women fuck all the time and cannot get pregnant, some women get fucked once, have the guy pull out, and get pregnant.

Please be careful.

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Wellone, when the EPT test turned positive we were ecstatic.  The Twins were welcomed, blessed  in our opinion.  Given repetitions of Dr Susses we may have a different opinion.

We wanted to be parents so we may be outliers in your data sets


I have known a number of couples that wanted to get pregnant, for a few of them, it seemed to be impossible.  So much sex that they were wearing things out, nothing.  Doctors tested and found one of them about sterile.  Not quite, but almost.  On the other hand I have known a few who swear that they only got the head in, and only for a second, and she got pregnant.  

Hard to predict.

Congratulations to getting what you wanted.

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Is it too late for Plan B?  If not, I suggest you do that.

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You come here to ask US if YOU are pregnant?  There are more qualified sources. THey're called "doctors" and "pregnancy test kits."

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