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+2 votes

Time for a quick fudge.

Life is what you make it.

in Politics by (3,695,861 points)

2 Answers

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I was reading earlier that these new claimants will still have to wait 5 weeks for their first UC payment 

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

by (2,758,780 points)

I wish them luck. It was never going to be good with 100,000 people held in a queue.

+2 votes

That’s why Trump was telling the states not to publish the latest figures. 

by (2,203,790 points)

He's numbers obsessed when it come to his image of himself.  To him, it's not the people affected that matter, it's how the numbers reflect on him.  Testing here got all fucked up, in no small part, because of his desire to keep numbers low.  He didn't want to let a cruise ship dock because it would raise his numbers.  It doesn't surprise me he's now going out of his way to suppress unemployment numbers.  Next it will be deaths attributed to the flu or pneumonia instead of covid-19, in fact I think some of that may already be happening.

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