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And the Democrats wrote it so that no businesses owned by Trump, his family or any member of Congress can get any financial aid. 

Nancy Pelosi is the shit! 

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3 Answers

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You're supposed to say America First.

Life is what you make it.

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America First! And screw Trump. Sorry - it just slipped out...



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If moscow mitch had not been grandstanding,  this would have happened much earlier.  First he takes the weekend off.  Then he comes back last week and has his repugs write the bill with help from lobbyists, for the lobbyists benifit.  After he lost the vote twice and tried to blame it on democrates, he agreed to negotiate with the dems.  This gave pelosi time to get her own bill through the house.  The senate now had to pass something similar or it would have to back to the house, and then back to the senate.  Moscow mitch caved.

If the virus doesn't get under more control, we will be revisiting this in a few weeks.

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Yes, she is!!!

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