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I should start from the beginning. I was dating this wonderful guy who I still very much love and want to be with still for little bit now. He was always caring and sweet, did thing for me at random and just generally a sweetheart. We barely had an bad arguement. Probably one. But we both suffer from depression and anexity and I guess his depression was doing worse because he told me was depress about 4 days before dumping me. He told me cares about me too much to make the relationship go much longer. Hes told me hes not ready for long term relationship, or to trust anyone or to be love. That hes scared and that he was hesitated when first started going out. I I willing to give him time and wait for him. His last girlfriend was a nightmare and hurt him pretty bad. (Used him for money, cheated, did pills, got mad at him for sleeping and working, I'm the exact 180 of her, he told that and so did a friend mutual friend he poured his heart out too about me.) Right after the break up we talked up to five days after then we stopped. I made mistake of asking him to talk while he was working in my store (didnt mean in store but I guess he thought so, I need face 2 face conversation to ease my anxiety)  I made him very uncomfortable doing that. I apologized tho and told me not apologize do much and he didnt want me to feel bad over it. I think I actually upset him little over it. But he ignored me after. So I gave up trying to talk to him but I noticed today he unfriended me on snapchat. Possible blocked idk I'm not to sure. I dont think he blocked my number but I don't wanna test that out. I'm not sure what to do. I don't think its over. Although anxiety will tell me that. Should I just let be and wait as if it him just taking his time and getting some space. Or I don't know. I don't wanna lose him completely. I know he still has me on his family premium YouTube subscription things and hes still signed into my hulu. And we still have articles of each others clothing.

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IDK -- There's a lot to unpack there... I'm not sure I understand it all, like the line, "while he was working in my store", are you his boss then, that would add a whole new layer.  I guess my gut reaction would be to give it a few days, then text him something that seems appropriate.  I'd keep it relatively short and maybe include another apology and explanation that you meant outside of work and that you really would appreciate the chance to have a face-to-face.  That said, depression can be a real soul crusher to deal with in a partner in a relationship, you sure you want to go there?

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We both deal with depression yourself it was never a issue till now. We had no issues. We just work for the same company and he works in and out side of my store. 


How long has it been since he started ignoring you?  

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