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+1 vote

Tremendous testing.

in Politics by (3,948,791 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

tRump thinks America is the best country at getting corona virus in the history of the world 

by (2,983,970 points)
+1 vote

Blue & GB do not get me started here.  Lets just say you have your idiot, the US has theirs so.....  With 4 jokers in the deck who are the other two?

Matt Hanncock for his current handling of the NHS

Jeremy Hunt the former head of NHS

Steve Bannon and the list of Trump cronies?

Lt Gov Patrick of Texas who thinks the Grandparents should sacrifice their lives to save the economy since they have Grandchildren

Maybe we should pick on some Hollywoood idiots

by (2,857,480 points)

Oh god.  Not Dan Patrick.  What an embarrassment.  And I'm not from Texas,  I just live here.....


You’re not kidding. I’m 63 years old but I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to fall on my sword so that the CEO of JP Morgan doesn’t get a smaller bonus. 

+4 votes

Anytime that the US is leading the world, trumpster is happy.  When you have a brain as small as his is, it grabs small details and hold on.  All he know is that being number 1 is good.

by (1,487,850 points)
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