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I praised a boy very much. I said he is the good boy in the class.I often helps him.  On my birthday I asked him take one more sweet.? Then said I like him most in the class.Then I called him 3 times on the phone for informing the class time.He didn't call me back. I asked why not calling me back.He doesn't say anything.Then another guy called me and I began talking with him.Then I called the previous guy for the fourth time.He didn't call me still.Then after two years I saw him,he approached me and talked to me.Does he interested in me? or  Then after 3 years,he messaged me in social networking site and I replied to what he asked.Does he interested in me?

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RUN, RUN FAR AND FAST, AND NEVER LOOK BACK.  This guy is a total creeper.  He didn't have the nerve to call you back and has been obsessing over it for 5 years now.  Thinks you owe him something.  Maybe because you were the only girl to ever be nice to him. Total loser, potentially a psychopathic stalker.  Yes, he's very unhealthily obsessed with you and he really should seek counseling.  .  .

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Does anybody see anything there?? It is all a blank. Totally white.


I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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I would guess you're the same troll who has been posting a version of this "no calls back" story for the last week.  The fact that you've just invented this account today and yet have the same stylistic markers of the other screen name... well, I don't believe in coincidences that much.  

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