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I'm just thinking why a guy that I sort of liked took a long time to let me know that he has a girlfriend all along. 

in Dating by (2,670 points)

3 Answers

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Does he know you like him?  He really has no reason to tell you outright, unless there was some indication that you liked him or there was some flirting or something going on between you that would prompt him to tell you. 

Other than that, its not something that's told to you just because.

by (111,680 points)

Maybe he might have felt that I like him. I just ask questions based on what he is telling me when we talk. But I could never bring myself to ask him if he has a girlfriend. Thanks for your comment.

+1 vote

Were you flirting with him? Maybe he liked the attention. But it’s a good thing he told you. Now you can move on. 

by (2,296,740 points)

Maybe very subtle. I don't want to get in trouble. Yes it's a good thing though it will take time to recover though Thanks for your comment.

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If he can get more and more attention from a young woman by NOT telling them he has a girl friend... he has no incentive to tell them.  Then they will say, "Well, if you have a girl friend, why are you cozying up to ME? Buzz off, you freak."

by (714,780 points)

Thank you. I thought so, it's not that hard to tell a woman that you are unavailable. Just mention the girlfriend early on. I would not ask him directly tho. 

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