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Hi, I love my partner lot, and I do care alot, and lately his happiness became everything I want to see, seeing him happy makes me very happy, I cant explain my joy even. But when sometime when he ignores me or doesnt give me the attention, i get a weird feeling straight to my heart a very painfull string attack, and negative vibes spreads
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I'm glad you get so much joy seeing him happy.  It's normal to feel bad if you feel you're being ignore.  On the other hand, no one should expect 100% of another's attention, either.  You have to find a balance that works for both of you.   IDK - maybe he's being rude to you, maybe you're being clingy and demanding. or maybe if you both figure out each others needs it will be a beautiful thing.

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That's normal.  We all feel that way when we are disappointed.  But there's no way to have everything "perfect" all the time.

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