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A married girl when I sent a mail to her,she replied me and at the end of the reply she said Please do keep in touch.what she meant?

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7 Answers

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It means, stay connected and communicate with her. Send letters, call, email, etc to share news and so on. 

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I see you haven't taken the Rocket Science course.

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It means that she would like to hear from you, letters, text, email, etc, from time to time.  But not to often that you become a pest.

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She wants to know what's going on in your life.  She isn't interested in sex. Just information about your life.

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She means don't expect me to call unless you can show the ability to do so first.  Three strikes you're out.

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She meant she’d like to hear from you once in awhile. No it’s NOT code for “I want you.” 

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Women have the capacity to have male friends. I have learned men, not so much. Men call it friend zoned and it’s apparently an insult! Lol!

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