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I have been in relationship for over two years now and there have been a few times when my boyfriend was really mad at me. He has a temper and when it blows, he doesn't even realize the things he say. Though he comes back after a few hours and apologizes. I don't care about his temper, I mean I love him and so does he. But I just want to ask. Is this good for me? Will this affect me in anyway later?

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7 Answers

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As with a lot of things there are degrees of severity and occurrence. If it's every once in a while and is just getting off his chest some may put up with it as none of us are perfect. If it's every day and is verging on abuse it's time to rethink. And everything has a cause and effect.

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There comes a time when apologising doesnt work, some words cannot be unsaid. Eventually things stick in your head and you start to believe them and then in the end become them.

It's called mental abuse and can be every bit as bruising as if he hit you.

Out of 100 people, 99 will tell you you're worth it but if that one person you love says you're not, that's the one you'll believe. 

This type of relationship is not for me, I can't tell you what to do but if he loves you how can he say horrible things to you?

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Oddly enough, having outbursts is often a sign of depression. This doesn’t excuse his behavior but perhaps with a doctor’s guidance an antidepressant would moderate his temper.

Anger is often unresolved hurt. Not necessarily anything to do with you. Talk therapy helps some people too.  However being a verbal punching bag takes its toll. Not good for ones self esteem.

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It's not a bad thing, it's a terrible thing. And it's something YOU can't fix. If he doesn't take steps to fix it himself, it's only going to get worse. You may want to consider getting out while the getting is good, and you're still in one piece. 

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Is being yelled at (or worse) good for you? No. I have a sneaky suspicion you know the answers for your questions but need validation. Run from this guy, the sooner the better. 

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it does not have to be a bad thing ! just make sure he does not take his anger out on you physically ! thanks

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everyone has a temper , even Jesus has one ! however , your man may have such a bad temper that he may eventually take his anger out on you by hitting you or cussing you out ! it is up to you if you continue dating him ! take care , thanks

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