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+3 votes

Now  it just looks normal.

in Daily Life by (3,060,890 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

I was a bit freaked out initially. Now I'm like wear masks over your masks if you want to.

by (4,128,451 points)
+2 votes

It's no big deal to me. People have been telling me to cover my face since I was a kid. 

by (10,530 points)


+1 vote

I think you're right. I was shocked when I first spotted 2 people in a car with them on when this wasnt so big. Now I wear 2, and a hat always because I hear it can stick to your hair. Always cautious to the T.  I carry sanitizer in my purse for me and my car door handle. 

by (1,156,440 points)

Don’t forget 2 tampons for nose plugs to seal out the virulent virus! Lol!


Omg Lady4u I just snorted club soda out my nose! That was funny!!


I saw a picture of a guy on Facebook who couldn’t find a mask and used his wife’s panty liner! Snort!


OMG   I have a mask to cover my nostrils. But thanks for the tip. 

+1 vote

Reminded me of the many times I have been in Asia - NBD

by (2,905,740 points)
+1 vote

Would it be culturally inappropriate for me to dress in burka and niqab?

I can’t find a face mask anywhere!

by (820,130 points)
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