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I am now the proud owner of 2 tickets to see Two Steps From Hell  in concert IN LONDON on May 5, 2021!!!!! 


Their entire 2020 tour has been postponed until 2021 - they were supposed to play London last night (April 22) but  the whole schedule changed due to the virus lockdown! Talk about a silver lining!  I just found out they were touring for the first time a few months ago and there's no way I could have afforded a trip across the pond this year - but with a year to save up, it should be totally do-able!!  And my sister's never been to London, so she's excited to come with me. I've wanted to return to London since the day I flew home from Heathrow in 2003!!

laughing-smilie.gif Is it 2021 yet????????

Okay - we now have our hotel reservations - 13 days in London!! All we need are airline tickets - they don’t book this far in advance so we’ll just keep checking back. Our trip seems totally REAL now and I’m very excited!!! 

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6 Answers

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Best news ever. I will roll out the red carpet.

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WOW!!! Great!!! Enjoy that one to PIECES!

by (758,420 points)
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woah!!! thats awesome!!! have fun! 

by (1,790 points)
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Maybe an AOR UK meet up?

by (2,947,170 points)

The thought crossed my mind...

+1 vote

Wonderful news!! Enjoy that!!

by (950,730 points)
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I'm so excited I just can't hide it!

by (3,905,591 points)

You, me and the Pointer Sisters!! 

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