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A couple of people on here answered they would hold onto their discarded items until the thrift stores open. No dispect to these people but I dont think they would hold onto it.

I really think those people as well everyone else would NOT hold onto these items whether or not the items are clothes. Guaranteed these people as well as other people would throw them out or give these items to friends and family or put it curbside.

No one would admit they would throw them out or put them curbside.

No one knows when thrift stores will open or if they open again so why would you want to hold onto it indefinitely.

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6 Answers

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I cannot go out to give them to thrift stores.  The stores will reopen.  There is a large need here.  Half of the people were just getting by, and are now unemployed.  The clothing is just hanging in my closet, but nothing new is coming in.  I generally pick up stuff at the thrift store when I take a donation in.  

No, my stuff stays put until I die or this passes.

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I need to clear out but I'm not until this is over. I'd have to have the bags lying around in the house so they are better in the wardrobe.

Our local authority is not doing curbside pick up, they have been postponed as they cannot do social distances.

My things will have to  stay where they are as lots of bags would drive me nuts 

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Actually, if something is nice enough to donate, I refuse to throw it out. It’s wasteful and it’s inconsiderate to the poor person who might need it. I hang onto it until I can donate it. I either throw it in the trunk of my car or leave it in my spare room until I can get to the Az Humane Society to donate it at their thrift store. Plus, I can write it off on my taxes as a charitable donation. 

Holding on to stuff indefinitely isn’t a problem for me - I have lots of room in my spare bedroom to leave boxes or bags for a few months. 

There is no such thing as “putting it curbside” where I live. You leave something out in the street and you’ll get fined by the HOA. We have security cameras so you’d be easily identifiable. 

You can believe me or not, it’s irrelevant. 

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I am not talking about normal times.  This is special times. No one knows when life will get back to normal.  I drive and I see most houses have tons of stuff (clothes included) curbside. 


I’m doing the same thing now. As we speak I have  a bag of blouses in my spare bedroom which are destined for donation when things return to normal. My ethics don’t change because there’s  a virus.  

As I said, its irrelevant to me whether you believe me or not. :)

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Dude they do it deliberately. I have to put up with so much shit you wouldn't believe it. So annoying. And their pants don't even match.

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Can you explain. Thanks 


I'm just saying. They've got no fashion sense.


What does that have to do wirh my question 


Not a lot to be fair.

But explain this:

"Dude they do it deliberately. I have to put up with so much shit you wouldn't believe it. So annoying"

It's what's known in the trade as humour.

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I have a home to sell that needs to look clean and neat, spic and span clean. So Im putting stuff I will donate or give away or even sell in my basement or garage. Lucky to have both. If I sell before this crisis is over which I doubt, I will give them to my brother or niece to keep. 

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When I was growing up, I knew a family who lived next to my grandmother who was poor. Their father drank and didn’t work regularly. Consequently his children didn’t have new clothes,shoes or coats! It touched me deeply and I took extra care of my clothing so that it could be passed down to them. I was older so my clothes were used by me and their three daughters. I always give my used clothing to Vietnam Veterans or Salvation Army.

Curbside isn’t an option where I live. Only thing that can go curbside is the trash after dark on Sunday night.

I don’t throw anything away that I think others can use. It’s immoral for me to do so! I donate canned goods to the food pantry also!

I am no Saint but these things I do!

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