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I'm going straight to see my dad, it was his birthday today, 88 years young. I did send him gift and card in the mail but we will celebrate properly when we are free. Free, too much lol ?

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It's more a matter of opening OUR home again.  We'll re-establish our Sunday Family Dinner, and we'll get to see our grandchildren in person again!

Currently, we are having the Family Sunday Dinner as a "family project."  Mrs Media makes the main course (and sometimes a side), and our sons and their wives contribute other sides and sometimes a dessert or two.  We all meet here at our home at precisely 6:00 p.m.  I set up a couple of tables outside, about 10-12 feet apart.  When the boys pull into the driveway, I set their main dishes out on the tables.  From the door, we talk with them as they collect the main dishes and leave their sides for us and for each other.

We have six adults and five kids at these dinners, and we dream of the day when we are all together again!

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I'm a huge fan of old Route 66, a trip on the Illinois portion is in order. 

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That's my second thing. Not route 66 but a trip away. I'm going to stay in Scotland, try and help the small  business out.

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We have a local hotel that nearly all the Presidents have visited. It is quite old obviously! Along with each of the President’s pictures who have visited, each of the guest rooms that have been visited by someone famous , that room is named after them, for example Mark Twain. It is a two story brick hotel decorated Victorian. It has a gazebo alongside and the sidewalks are brick pavers with a lot of pansies/petunias nearby and in the window boxes. The  entire town is Victorian as well as many of the homes in the small town area.

If you would care to look it up, it is called “The Golden Lamb” in Lebanon,Ohio!

The whole town does a Dickens Christmas complete with horse drawn carriage rides! It’s absolutely magical!

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That's right up my alley, I'd love to visit there.

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Have dinner out at a nice restaurant with all my friends. We haven’t had a “girls night out” in over 2 months. 

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I am going to eat out.  Getting really tired of cooking.  

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Nowhere right off the bat.  I mean, places will be backed up and people will act like they've never been outside the house in their life and I'm not in the mood for that.

I may visit people instead.   Otherwise, no plans right away.

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The cake shop.

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