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So I tried signing in on my own acct, forgot I had mister Blue deactivate it...hope I'm allowed back =)

A tamer version of jillopo -- if anyone remembers lol 

Catchup --what's new with ya'll? 

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6 Answers

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You know I had a feeling... welcome back.  Not a lot new with me, day 50 (or something like that) of extreme isolating...

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Geez I'm that obvious? lol -- My business has been shut down by the state since March 17th...extended it for another 2 weeks. Enjoying getting some side projects done; but I do miss going out to eat... 


Hey Jil... Er Liberteez!

Good to see you!

I maybe the only Democrat converted Republican here! Lol, how they give me heck! But, I still have fun!


Yeah..I'm limiting my political 'engagement'; I get involved with a political debate group on FB and they keep it extremely civilized or you get booted out super fast; one of the main reasons democrats 'drop' out of the group so fast ;) 

Good to see you too!

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It's nice to see you back Jill.

Life is what you make it.

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Thanks! good to see you around too 

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Welcome back Jilllpo or whomever.  Not much new here raising twins, living in Lockdown, Looking forward to revisiting MN when the restrictions lift.

See Walz ha killed the Great MN Get Together

Tell us what is new for you.  I am in endless hours of Dr. Suess, give me some real insight

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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A lot of festivities will be cancelled this summer unfortunately...even my "trustworthy" association is shutting down our semi-private pool all summer! Our hometown river festival is also cancelled...ugh. 

nothing much is new...still doing hair, still making books and other POD stuff --working on the design of a board game, now some decor for sale. I keep myself busy. Good to see ya!


The great Minnesota get together has been cancelled, swimming beaches are closed in both MN and WI.  I still have my sources of info there, BWCA appears they will not open this summer and the list goes on


I actually haven't heard that the state fair was being cancelled; it sounds like they are still waiting to make a decision on what to do..they need to be more short & sweet with their updates..long paragraph for saying "we don't know yet"

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Still here.  Same name.  Still a liberal.  How much tamer? Lol

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Still right-leaning Libertarian; I guess we'll see how much more tame I got ;P


Let the games begin, this should be fun

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Hey! Welcome back. Good to see you! Hope you’re staying well. 

I had an exciting 2019 - cancer, surgery, radiation treatments, 4 months on disability, new job... but I’m still here and successfully avoiding the virus so far. 

What are you doing these days besides social distancing?  

BTW, you’ll always be Jillopo to me! 

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Cancer again?? Geez I'm sorry lady; I'm glad you're doing better after that hell. Hope you like your new job --still in banking??

I'm still doing hair; in the middle of job transitioning and my last day at my at the last place was actually the first day the governor shut everything down! (Mar 17)...keeping myself busy with art projects

Glad you're still here ^_^

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Glad to have you back.  Since our friend from North Carolina has disappeared, there's very little excitement and/or controversy around here.  ;-)  Always good to have diversity of opinion!

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North Carolina? Now I'm curious 

Diversity is good; maintain the balance..Looks to be about the same amount here as far as opinion goes. 

Good to see you on here too :)


Did not Blue kill Wakes account?


Wake got booted for telling me I deserve to have cancer and die because I don’t like Trump. No great loss. It’s one thing to have vehement political disagreements, it’s another thing entirely to wish someone dead. I’m glad Blue set the limit that SOME things just aren’t acceptable. 


Oh damn, even as heated as we got sometimes, I'd never wish that shit on you or anyone. That's not good debate. I prefer arguing points being made without making it personal. Sometimes it gets to that but it should be avoided. 

That being said, this "wake" dude certainly doesn't speak for me or any of my friends who share the same political beliefs. When it all comes down to it, we're all just arguing about how we think government should spend our money...


Surely you remember WakeForester.  He had been around forever.  At least as long as you had been.  He used to be sort of normal, but lost his grip on reality.  Seems to happen a lot.


I know Jill and thanks. You and I used to have some really colorful exchanges, but neither one of us ever ventured into personal insult territory or wished ill on each other. That’s the difference between civilized people and complete assholes. (Wakeforester showing himself as the latter.) 


Wellone-- I remember the name but can't say I paid much attention to him. Being the odd one out draws attention from the beehive. Been in that position myself. And I haven't been here in a cpl years or so; missed out on this fellar. 


Like I said, he appeared normal for years.  You would not have noticed him.  Then, when trumpski was elected, he went off the rails.


To be fair, A LOT of ppl went off the rails -- TDS is real. 


JPT sorry to hear about Wakes comments to you


Thanks but I don’t expect compassion or tact from an idiot like him anyway. 


Fuck him (not literally) -anyone who uses personal insults and similar bullshit doesn't have an argument to stand on. Also -fuck cancer --praying, hoping/wishing you a healthy life free from it! 


Thanks Jill. I have one more surgery to go, hopefully no more radiation. I could live the rest of my life very happily never doing radiation  again! It was pretty miserable. 


JPT... Know that we are with you in heart, soul, and spirit.  All the best to you.  Love you MUCHLY!

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