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You mean the revolutionaries that captured the airports? 

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They'd probably have a lot of good things to say. Not.

by (4,128,451 points)

I think they just wouldn't "get him" he is just so misunderstood. 

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I don't think that they were into sarcasm.  So they probably would not understand him. 

by (1,569,050 points)
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I think they would be very pro 1st and 2nd amendments.

There would be little discussion of sexual misconduct.... Thomas Jefferson sired a child with his female slave... racist? Sexist?

Ben Franklin allegedly frequented brothels.

Yeah, if you dig deep they weren’t the highest moral standard of purity.

Sort of like Trump and BoJo!

by (820,130 points)

Both of which I dont support. So the natural conclusion, going with your own assertions is, Trump and Bojo .are Amoral. So  what does that say about their supporters?


All are not without sin... as Billy Graham would say!

I don’t think Democrats are inherently moral either.

Most of my family and friends are Democrats and there isn’t a saint among them. This goes for the whole of the political base.

If you read “Man of the House” by Irishman Speaker of the House Tipp O’Neill you would see him bragging about decades of Democrat shenanigans!


It's a sliding scale like a lot of things. And good old trumpy baby goes right off the top.


He’s no more immoral than many of our other Presidents. Democrats included.

Our Presidents are mere mortal men but not necessarily moral.

Even the Pope covers for pedophiles!

Smoke that in your pipe!


It's a sliding scale.


Even Obama had his mistresses; had a friend who was in the military saying they escorted him off to his side pieces often. The media..nowhere to be seen because democrats are coddled and worshiped. 


There's also exceptions to every rule.


Ron Paul was probably the only principled and moral politician of our time. The guy is clean. Media ignored him too because he didn't have a (D) after his name. But they sure didn't hesitate at attempt to call him a "racist" --the left's favorite card to pull


Many of our Founding Fathers had sex with their slaves often having multiple children with them.

Many latter Presidents had sexual affairs while in Office including Eisenhower,Kennedy,Lyndon Johnson, George Bush Jr and Obama.

Xaviera Hollander the renown Washington DC call girl wrote a book called the “Happy Hooker” that went into the detail about Congressmen and others so called fetishes and peccadilloes. It is apparently the “norm” for the rich and powerful men to cheat. Well surprise, surprise!

I doubt your sacred Labour Party are above reproach!


It's still a sliding scale. Including how many times, to what degree, and how much they got away with. My job coach thinks all is equal. I had to explain anxiety at interview can go to extremes. She also thinks no-one wants to work. But she's being paid to take that point of view.


No one wants to work? As in general? Idk, here in the states, there are protests to get BACK to work and reopen the economy while keeping the high-risk ppl quarantined. I get it, they wanna flatten the curve but there's a huge price for that; and we're feeling it globally.


You're supposed to say we've been through worse.


Well...we have...imagine what this would be like without plumbing :D


Things can always be worse. It's not a competition.


Historically things have been much worse. The statement alone is meant to keep us from catostrophizing things out of proportion. Of course it is natural to initially panic when we are not in control. But shortly one must gain control and list ones options and try and implement them.

Sadly once we give in to running panic it is doubly hard to regain control

Chances are your job center coach hasn’t had to face long term personal upheaval. I have several times and it’s a gut punch that is impossible to define to someone who hasn’t experienced it! Life is full of many twists and turns, I hope she learns first hand so that she may be a more compassionate job coach.


They do it deliberately. No joke. Their theory is if they pile on enough pressure and make visiting the jobcentre unpleasant enough people will, if they can't get a job, just stop going. They can then meet their targets for getting their 'customers' off benefits. They are there to check you are looking for work not help you find a job. Even their website says that. The job coach has also admitted as much because I asked. She said yeah we try to reach a balance. Right.


Why on earth this got on to sex and people piping in uninvited I'll never know. However, I think it can be agreed with most clear thinking people that the founding fathers would have balked at Trumps tyrant, dictatorship style. They wanted to make sure America didnt ever have a king again.


If Trump went on a shooting spree at the local school Trump supporters would attempt to find an equivalent to justify it.


Its baffling. It's like they just can't admit they are wrong. 

+2 votes

They'd say there's no way he shouldn't have been kicked out of office by now.

by (974,350 points)
+2 votes

Let's be honest; they'd have guns blazing a LONG ass time ago; before Trump won against the Hillabeast. 

by (20,830 points)
+2 votes

He would not have been allowed to get this far. 

It would not have been his affairs - Franklin, Jefferson, Madison etc all dallied abit

It would not been his wealth, they were all Landed Men who believed non property owners should not vote

It would been about character, Trump has no character and  is a charlatan.  Read the Federalist papers, some of the records of debates.  Trump is not cut from the same cloth.  It was not until the time of the Robbber Barrons that anyone came close to Trumps lack of character.  Does McKinley ring a Belll?

by (2,905,740 points)
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