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5 Answers

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I never miss an opportunity to put an inanimate object in it's place.

by (4,128,451 points)
+1 vote

Sort of.  If swearing and cursing is considered talk.

Sometimes I make inappropriate comments about the actors.

by (1,569,050 points)
+1 vote

Only if it's politically motivated; democrats sure like wasting their money..shame they can't hear me tell them how ineffective their ads are. 

by (20,830 points)
+1 vote

No but my guy has a running Discussion with Mike Lindell- the My Pillow guy!

He constantly is asking him how many more $$millions$$ he going to make.

For those of you in the U.K... Mike Lindell is the owner of My Pillow. He sells bed pillows, body pillows, camper pillows and dog beds all made out of shredded foam. He hocks these pillows every hour on the hour selling millions.

Me? I just laugh.He’s got a good shtick tho. Lol

by (820,130 points)
+1 vote

Oh yes, a lot. It's a good way to practice my sarcasm. 

by (10,530 points)
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