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Do you want to talk about it?

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6 Answers

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lol Yeah. There was one. She was a supply teacher so wasn't there long. Shame about that. And while we're on the subject the high school I went to was all boys. Ruined my life.

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My high school was all girls. 

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Sure, I don't mind talking about it.

I did not have a crush on any teacher.  As far as I can remember, the teachers were all either men, or old women.  Average age of either was probably 50.  May not seem old now, but to a 16 year old, seemed ancient.

Especially compared to the young women in the classes, who also avoided me like I had Covid 19.

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No but I dated one accidental. I was asked by a. college student on a hayride when I was in high school. I went didn’t have a very good time. But thought I give him another chance. After that weekend he showed up in my World History class as the substitute teacher! I was mortified!

Ewww just ewwww!

That was the end of that!

by (820,130 points)
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Not really, though I did have a really hot professor in her mid 40's for Business Management in college.  Something about her just oozed sexy and I'll admit to having a fantasy or two involving her. 

by (974,350 points)
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Yes, in high school I had a crush on one history professor I thought was cute. I think all the girls did. 

   Later on when I became a teacher myself I had a boy who I think had a crush on me. He was a real pain sometimes, but he was also funny.

   I really miss my students and those teaching days. But not the lesson plans. 

by (1,156,440 points)
+1 vote

Yes, my English teacher in high school., she was a 10-plus. She had a lot of curves and I had no brakes...

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