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The lonely days are over 

in Daily Life by (3,105,070 points)

5 Answers

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How cool.

by (4,256,451 points)
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Interesting, AI to the rescue

by (2,906,320 points)
+1 vote

My BFF gave me Alexa for Christmas 2 years ago. It sat untouched for a year. I finally asked my IT Guy to set it up when he was at my house fixing my laptop. The only freaking question I ever ask is "What's the weather tomorrow?"  

by (2,496,790 points)
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I sincerely hope you're getting good answers. 

by (11,680 points)
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Ask her to tell you a joke. She’ll tell you a corny one and ask if you’d like another! In your case have her to tell you a Trump joke. You’ll both be besties in no time!!!

Siri keeps interrupting my convo’s with my guy. He doesn’t understand how she does that. Evidently I bump her call button and she tries to answer the next question I ask. 

by (893,660 points)

Sweet tRump is the joke.

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