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I've been doing this since I was a kid after I found 2 wolf spiders who somehow made it into the house and I found both of in the bathroom wall and another on my comforter that damn near blended into the pattern...been traumatized since. 

A few years ago I woke up to this crawling sensation across my chest...I knew instantly what it was, swatted it with  my hand and grabbed a tissue on my nightstand before I even opened my eyes..Now I get a lot of them being that I live near a river and on the bottom condo unit. 

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lol No I don't check. However, I did get stung by a wasp once that had managed to get under the covers.

Life is what you make it.

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Idk when mating season for spiders is in your neck of the woods...but around here it starts in August thru the's so much worse then and they come out to do the nasty. 

Probably the same. I'm guessing.

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In my neck of the woods you’re more likely to find a scorpion in your bed than a spider. Every day, I thank everything that’s sacred that we don’t have them in this particular area of the city. Some places in the valley are infested with them. Give me a spider, please! 

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Yikes....This is why I stay in MN - not everything is trying to kill us...just feed off us..the winter comes and freezes anything before it gets to the size of your head


Yeah. We have rattlesnakes here too, but not in the heart of the city usually. And snakes are cool. (Not for pets, but in general.) I’d rather find a snake in my house than a scorpion. I’m absolutely phobic and freaked out by them. I can’t even look at them in photos. 

I love reptiles as long as they're not poisonous lol -- I often debate if I should get a beardy dragon to eat the spiders around the house...

If you like reptiles and you ever make it to Phoenix you’ve got to visit the Phoenix Herpetological Society. It’s a reptile sanctuary. Coolest place - they give guided tours. They have this huge alligator that recently had to get a bigger enclosure. If you stood by his fence, he’d hiss at you. Google it! 

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Not really, not anymore - depends on where I am.

In my former life I would make sure the mosquito nets were secure and no creepy crawlies in my rack.  In the morning use a mirror to check under the rack to make sure no slithering things had come in during the night.  Always shook out my boots to make no scorpions etc had crawled in while I slept.  Same with clothing.

When visiting that part of the world these days, I still do it - even in good Hotels

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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No.  No I don't check.

I found a scorpion in bed once when visiting Death Valley.

And my wife was stung by a scorpion in bed while we lived in texas.  We found a lot of them in the toilet, I don't know why, but they liked to hang out under the seat.  Those of us with body parts hanging down into the toilet bowl used to worry a lot.  The sting of those scorpions hurt at the sting and then your face usually went numb for a while.

But we have never had many biting spiders, so I don't check.

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Omg... I’ve got the heebie-jeebies just from reading your post. Did you know you could actually get TETANUS from a scorpion sting? Not to mention having a stroke from looking at their sheer ugliness...


Lol.  I never knew that you could get tetanus.  Nobody ever mentioned that.  There were a lot, LOT, of them around our house in Texas.  I would kill a couple every night on the side of the house when I came home late and it was dark.

what freaked me out was the snakes.  Lots of diamond backs, copper heads, and water moccasins.  The copperheads liked to hang out in the flower or vegetable beds.


Dude, I’ll take the snakes!  They may be deadly, but they’re not as freaky looking as scorpions!  Any critter that has those crawdad claw thingies just creeps me out to the point of incapacitation. 

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The spiders have a thing for our house. We have a number of 100 ft trees living on the back of the lot in the fence line btw us and a large open cow pasture. The front of the house is covered in cedar wooden shakes which the spiders think is a resort.  I often find them in the bath attached to the master bedroom. This does not make me happy.

A thorough spraying with Raid is necessary to keep these beasts at bay.

While traveling in Latin America it is essential to check your bed roll before retiring. Not unusual to find one on your pillow after hitching a ride on top of your parcels that rode atop the van. They were notorious for dropping out of certain leafy trees. A real adventure! Lol!

The Leftists have left us!

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