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+2 votes
Russel Stovers is pretty darn good, too...but

I think the Italians are aliens trying to fatten the world up then harvest us. 
in Just Relax by (15,070 points)

3 Answers

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I like the one that Trump says it cures all known Covids.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,790,531 points)

Chocolate has a knack for curing all kinds of phobias, including Covidphobia

+2 votes

Ever been to Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco?  It's just a couple blocks from Fisherman's Wharf.  

Cadbury Caramel Eggs are divine too....

by (909,200 points)

I guess there's one reason to go to San Fran ;)

+2 votes

Do you want to hear THE SADDEST STORY EVER?  smilie_tra_168.gif

Radiation treatments destroyed my sense of taste. I have just recently started to taste savory flavors, but I cannot taste anything sweet. Not chocolate. Not fruit. Not caramel. Not peanut-butter. Not maple syrup. Not butterscotch. Not ice cream or cake or cookies or candy or watermelon...

Doctors tell me I may get it back...I may not. I am bereft. 

Well, except I've lost like 35 pounds.....there is zero incentive to consume fattening foods or to over eat when you can't taste anything. smilie_essen_029.gif

by (2,261,910 points)

Crap, I'm sorry you don't get to enjoy savory sweet flavors anymore! I hope you get it back..I'd give you my sense of taste if I could!...but you'd probably gain 100 lbs

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