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How come a high school exam is harder than being a President?

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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2 Answers

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A two year old is more clued up. Which is strange because he acts like one.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,790,531 points)
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Shows the true value of education.

Charm, bullying, and dads money are much more important than knowing anything.

It does make you question some things.  This turd has found three women that would marry him.  Do women like stupidity?  He has found dozens more to screw, some of them regularly.  Why is that?  Do women like spreading their legs for a fat guy with a funny looking penis and have, according to Stormy, vanilla sex? 

And of course what it says about the American electorate.  They seem to value a leader dumber than they are, or at least as ignorant.  Remarkable.  It must be: "look at him.  A fat guy screwing beautiful women and living large.  If he can do it, I should be able to, since I am at least as smart as he is."

by (1,395,910 points)

Must be a great disappointment to them when its  ot working.


Hope springs eternal.  I know a guy who is a trump supporter who supports him because trumpski is a businessman.  I pointed out that trumpski is a failed businessman and he understood that but thought that the trumper at least understood business.  Not true, but you really cannot argue with trumper supporters.  Lol


What you are obviously missing in screwability is that “some women” would screw anyone who is living large and rich and having social and political connections. Men too only they are generally called gigalos but get cash upfront rather than entertainment & gifts. The women are “gold diggers” and aren’t digging for brains, if you know what I mean. Everyone of Trumps women knew exactly what they were getting with him. Two started affairs whilst he was married to another woman! Not judging, jus saying!

I am thinking if you lived in Trump Tower, went everywhere in a limo and had restaurantuers bumping heads for your patronage your screwability would be off the chart too!

But since you aren’t and are still with your Mrs. you are pretty apt to stay as you are!

> sigh <


You sound like you admire these woman and find a stable marriage as boring. Or are you blaming the woman for Trumps failing ga as a human being?


Reminds me of the old joke.

A man and a woman are at a party and are talking.  He says "would you screw a stranger for 10 million dollars"

She thinks a minute and says "yes, I believe that I would, 10 million, free and clear"

So the guy says " would you screw me for $20? "

She puts her drink down and sort of tries to be taller and huffs " No, of course not.  What kind of woman do you think I am? "

He replies "We have already established that, all we are doing now is negotiating price."

 melania doesn't seem to be that expensive.


I'm still trying to work out if Melania is miserable or loaded up with botox. I've never saw her smile 

You would think that a girl from a poor country getting all the way to the White House and getting her parents in would give her something to smile about.

And then you remember she needs to blow Trump to keep her status. Poor cow, she would have had more self respect on the stripper circuit.


It is what it is. Trump wanted a “trophy wife”. Melania was running out of dough in NYC, she wanted money. They both got what they knew and wanted. No surprises.

Married life is what the couple puts into it. One partner can’t save a marriage. If a couple puts in even half what they did as singles it would not be boring. Sady one or both often take the other for granted, hence the high divorce rate.

Melania puts on her runway face. Models typically do not smile while being photographed. While they sre on the podium acknowledging each other she beams.

The Presidency has put a strain on any first couple as we can trace affairs thru all our Presidents except for Jimmy Carter. 

Is she truly happy? No doubt she’ll write a book.



You think that she can write?  I don't think that there is any evidence that she can write.

And who would buy it?  Most right wing nuts don't have extra cash laying around for something that they cannot use.  Do you think that they can read?

Besides, there are a lot of books out there on how to screw your way to the top.


I don’t think all authors write their own books. She could easily get a ghost writer.

I believe “people” often believe their political side is moral etc than the other party. If one does a quick reference on-line we find all types of political corruption in both parties over the decades  Ignorance is not exclusive to party. But to hear it here you would think it so! That my friend is willful ignorance, a higher form of stupidity!


There you go lady, I have no party to compare in America, I dont even hate the Republicans.  I detest the tRump cult. A bunch of uneducated braindead racists and bigots. 

I hate tRump with a passion. I hate his politics or rather his lack of politics. And I see fools trying to defend him every day  which means these fools are like him which is everything I despise.

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