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I had it out with my mom. I said to her "when you said don't you like buying new were you were putting down the clothes I purchased at the thrift store". She said "I can't understand how one can buy used clothes - the clothes could have diseases on them such as ringworn. I never said the clothes arent nice just used". I told her "I dont care if you feel that way but don't infringe your hangups on me. I am tired of it". She admitted they are hangups. I ssid to her "I will be 65 in October and I cant and won't justify what and where I go anymore - I just cant". She said "I never say anything unless you do". I said "Yes you did when I purchased the sweater at the 99 cent store you wouldnt stop carrying on when we were on the way home"

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Same shit, different day.

Life is what you make it.

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Hey what you did isn't wrong, Its a very normal thing which you did just relax and stay calm you did the right thing.

You should be proud with yourself.

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Congratulations.  You are about 50 years late, but good show anyway.

These days everything is made in some foreign country that is full of strange diseases.  So used stuff is no worse, and probably better since it has been washed/cleaned.  

I always check the thrift stores and garage sales first, then go to the regular store.  The only problem is that men wear their clothing out, so finding things takes luck.

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Holy Moley girl, stop vomiting up the same hash to rehash!!! That doesn’t make you proud, just juvenile. Stop being an offended 15 year old and ignore your senile elderly mother!

Of course you don’t have to justify where and when you go, but you don’t have to” have it out” with a 90 something year old woman who gets triggered by your constant defense of the thrift store!

You have swore off the thrift store since the virus, so let it lie.

Sometimes being the “bigger person” is being more adult.

After she is gone..... all the memories of your constant bickering won’t make you feel proud.

You can begin.... one step at a time.

The Leftists have left us!

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