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I haven't spoken to my best friend in months. it seems like my friends always end up stabbing me in the back, but she has always been there for me. The thing is, last Christmas she met this guy...I was so happy for her at first because they seemed to have a lot in common and he would make a point to call me from her phone and get to know me.. I thought that was cool, until one day he called me from her phone sexually harrassing me, and when I told him to knock it off, he would call me names. I ended up hanging up on him but he kept calling me and messageing me. the next morning I got a message from my friend saying to just ignore him, he was drunk. I told her that was no excuse and that he doesn't seem to be a nice guy. she just wouldn't respond to soon became apparent that he was very controlling of her, no body could call her without him answering, not even her family. he would tell everyone that they had to go through him to talk to her, and it came out that he had a 'missing' wife no one knows what happened too... she ended up  quitting her job to be with him and they planned to travel America with each other in a RV. they hadn't even been together a month! she came over to my house so we could store some of her things she couldn't take with her, and he immediately started messaging her that she was betraying him by having friends, and she ended up leaving him and stayed the night with us..the next day said she was going to go live with her aunt and uncle and that they would help her get back on her feet..2 days later she is posting that she is back with him and there on there way out of Washington..a few weeks after that she starts saying her boyfriend threated her brother so she left him and came to live with us again..this is when she admitted that her boyfriend tried to kill her twice, hit her, and sprayed her in the face with a fire hydrant.. this is also when her boyfriend started threatening my husband, saying he was gonna come after him and me if we didn't stop interfering...2 days later, my friend said she was gonna go stay with another friend for a few days,..not too long my friend started posting videos of her and her boyfriend on facebook...shooting off a shotgun in the national park there staying at..we didn't hear anything from her after that, and we decided to call in for a wellness check because we were scared of him having a turns out hes not aloud to have a weapon because he is a convict and weapons aren't aloud where they are. he was arrested. they still don't know it was us but when she bailed him out of jail he started calling me, I kept hanging up on him and then I got a horrible text from him. he was going on and on about me being a child molester because I work with special ed. said he was going to call CPS and my school district and kept going on and on about a secret about my husband that basically only, me, my friend and my husbands therapist knows. it was about something horrible that happened to him when he was a child..My friend had told him this..after that I blocked them both and am absolutely done with her. I believe she betrayed my husband and had no business telling her boyfriend our secrets. but apparently nnow she has left a message to my husband saying she has a restraining order on the boyfriend and wants me to have her new number so they can talk..i honesltly don't want I being too hard on her? should I give her a another chance?

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What The Actual Fuck?

Is this a test question to see how much crazy you can take????

I'd say if you don't have kids run away. Find a country you can blend with and never look back.

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Paragraphs are your friends.  Your post is kind of hard to read..... 

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